Zebronics Notebook Cooling Pad

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zebronics Notebook Cooling Pad The NC500 Cooling Pad from Zebronics is USB powered allowing gamers to cool of their laptops if and when needed. This cooling pad has dual fans that easily sit below your laptop with ease. To make the cooling pad easy to use, it is foldable that allows users to carry it around with ease. The Zebronics brand has grown into one of the leading and most trusted brand names in computer hardware and peripherals in India. Zebronics products are known for its premium looks, good quality and reasonable price. With a vast network of dealers and ever growing number of distributors in various parts of the country, Zebronics has a diverse product portfolio which nearly covers all the entire PC component spectrum.

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Additional Information

Available Sizes180 x 90 x 19 mm
Model NumbertZEB-NC500
Brand NameZebronics
Power SupplyUSB
Weight125 grams
Generic IdPRO30088
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